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Charlotte area homeowners, it’s time to paint your home inside and outside and Norby Painting is who you need to expertly do the job.

At Norby Painting Company we are committed to aiding our customers with the decisions that they need to make regarding the painting of their residences. One of the most difficult decisions a homeowner has to make is the color(s) that will be used inside of the home. These colors will be what Charlotte area homeowners see each and every day for years to come, so it is important to make the best and most informed choices. We’ve compiled a few tips to help out:

Use a color wheel. You can find an interior design color wheel at any large craft or art supply store or major online shopping site. This handy device will help you decide what colors and color combinations you prefer for all of your interior painting projects.

Complement the things you love. When you are selecting colors for your interior painting project, use fabric swatches from your upholstered furniture or favorite pieces of artwork or accessories to identify your preferred colors and shades.

Consider the natural light. If the room that requires interior painting is naturally dark, for example, consider whether you want to brighten it up with light colors or if you prefer a dramatic, sophisticated look by using a deep color.

Always test paint. Our advice is to buy a quart of the color you have selected for interior painting and paint a generous area to view at different times of the day.

Don’t forget the ceilings. Most people leave ceilings white, which makes the room feel taller, but there isn’t a rule that you must have a white ceiling. Your interior painting project may lend itself to a light blue ceiling or a soft rose. Even if you decide to use white, add a tiny bit of the wall color to the ceiling paint to tint it just enough to make a smooth transition.

Norby Painting will make the exterior of your residence come to life again, making it the envy of the neighborhood. For 37 years Norby has satisfied hundreds of customers not just with painting, but with its meticulous process of helping homeowners make the best decisions for the paint results they desire―a vibrant and clean residential exterior.

Your home’s exterior residential paint finish or sheen is one of the most important decisions necessary before painting begins. The type of finish describes the amount of reflection it has after the paint is dry.

  • Gloss. This is the hardiest finish, resisting scratches and scrapes the best. It is a smart choice for areas like window frames and doors that see lots wear and tear. You may consider gloss for a shiny appearance to shutters or trim, too, but keep in mind that this finish shows surface flaws more than others.
  • Semi-gloss. Like gloss finishes, semi-gloss paints are tough and easy to clean, they just have a little less shine. They are also a good choice for door and window frames and trims.
  • Satin (or eggshell). This finish has only a bit of shine and is generally considered a nice choice for exteriors that are in good-to-excellent condition.
  • Flat. With its absence of light-reflecting shine, a flat finish is best for exteriors that have imperfections and for siding that may be dented or scratched.

Although the price of paint is a factor, there are some important things to consider when choosing the quality of your exterior residential painting product.

  • Coverage. You will need to think about how much your home’s exterior surface needs to be concealed because of age or damage. You may require higher quality paint with superior coverage.
  • Color. Keep in mind your home’s exposure to sun and weather conditions. You may need to choose paint that doesn’t weather and fade easily.
  • Chalking. The binder in lower quality paint will degrade over time and form powder on your home’s surface that runs down the wall in streaks.
  • Blistering. In general, lower quality paint is vulnerable to moisture penetrating the top layer which will cause blisters to form beneath the surface.

Now you can be certain that by contracting Norby Painting Company you will be utilizing the best paint company for your residential paint projects in the Charlotte area. Contact us today at 704.907.5555 for a free quote. When you choose Norby it’s done.

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About Norby Painting

Norby Painting is North Carolina’s premiere residential and commercial professional painting team! We have been in business for over 37 years, and have been serving home owners and businesses in Charlotte and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. All our employees are professional, clean, licensed and trained to make sure your job is done on time and on budget. If it’s Norby—It’s Done! Call 704-907-5555 or contact us today for a FREE quote!

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Why Choose Us

When you contact Norby Painting you can be sure that your home or business will receive the highest quality in modern painting techniques. The professionals at Norby Painting Company want your home or business to look its best and our experience allows us to bring to life your vision.

  • Peter and Monica Floyd

    Interior and Exterior Painting

    “For over eleven years, Norby Painting has taken care of our family’s home painting projects—large or small, interior or exterior. Dave and his crews meet all deadlines, deal with the unexpected cheerfully and efficiently, leave no mess, are invariably courteous and friendly, and, most important, leave walls, doors, and trim looking beautiful. They always exceed my expectations.”

  • Melissa and Bob Thomas

    Residential Painting

    “Our entire experience with Norby Painting was perfect from start to finish. The work that was completed on the exterior of our home is beautiful, but I have to say that it was the manner in which everything was communicated to us that stands out the most. The appointment for our estimate was prompt and highly informative, the project leader updated us consistently throughout the project, and the painters were all incredibly skilled and tidy. We were so happy with the results we had them paint the interior as well! Highly recommended!”

  • Dr Kyle Loveless

    Commercial Painting

    “Loved the work they did. Transformed my office and made it look very professional. I would recommend them for all painting needs.”

  • Suzanne Meeker

    Exterior Painting

    David and his crew are our painters of choice! They always end up being the most reasonable quote, they work around the furniture and teenage messes efficiently and I am always impressed with their clean up and attention to detail. They painted all my outside windows and trim 3 years ago and just completed a project to refresh all the interior trim and our deck. And they are a local business! I highly recommend Norby Painting!

  • Stephanie Renner

    Exterior Painting

    I LOVE Norby Painting!!!! They did interior and exterior work for me. The exterior needed a lot of wood rot replaced and they did a superb job repairing and painting!! The outside and inside look so professional and has stayed looking that way for years! They are my go-to painting guys. They are polite, timely, communicate well, no hidden agendas, and are so precise and clean with their work. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing minor to major jobs done.

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